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The Shortened Dental Arch-A Literature Review
Muhammad Haris Zia

*Corresponding author: “Dr. Muhammad Haris Zia” :

Received: 16 February 2016, Accepted: 25 March 2016

Volume 25, Issue 1 (January - March 2016)

Open Access


The Shortened Dental Arch (SDA) comprise of anterior and premolar teeth with missing posterior occlusal units. According to various literature resources the masticatory apparatus perform effectively in the presence of these teeth, however on the contrary other literary work states that the presence of molars is important for mastication. This is not necessarily the case as the evidence available to support this requirement is weak. As the SDA functions over time, occlusal instability has been noted. The treatment options for SDA vary among clinicians and are also based on patient’s personal choice and aesthetics. The aim of this review is to determine the oral functionality, masticatory efficiency, prosthodontic considerations, patient comfort and other treatment options available for the SDA patient. This was carried out through a review of the Medline and Cochrane Library databases Inclusion criteria included clinical or experimental trials and review documents published between 2005 and 2016.


Shortened dental arch, oral functionality, masticatory apparatus, occlusal units.

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