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Peripheral Ameloblastoma Presenting as a Pyogenic Granuloma: A Case Report with an Immunohistochemical Study
Dalal ALQahtani1

1. Department of Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences (DDS), College of Dentistry, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
*Corresponding author: “Dr Dalal ALQahtani "

Received: 15 September 2015, Accepted: 26 October 2015

Volume 24, Issue 3 (July - September 2015)

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Peripheral ameloblastoma is rare tumor occurring on extraosseous location. It accounts for about 1 to 10% of all ameloblastomas. A 32-year-old Indian heavy smoker, presented to the oral surgery clinic with painless gingival swelling on the left side of the mandible. Radiological examination did not reveal any bone involvement. A histologic exam showed islands of odontogenic epithelium that were seen to bein continuity with surface epithelium. The tumor islands exhibited the typical features of ameloblastoma with follicular arrangements. In addition, the tumor was positive for CK19 and negative for Ber-Ep4. Five percent of the tumor cells showed positivity for Ki-67. The final diagnosis was peripheral ameloblastoma, which is a rare variant of ameloblastoma. It is emphasized to consider peripheral ameloblastoma among the differential diagnosis of gingival swellings.


Peripheral ameloblastoma, ameloblastoma, gingiva, immunohistochemistry, odontogenic tumor .

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