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Provision of Basic Dental Care to the Pregnant Women Enrolled in Vitamin D Supplementation Trial
Farhan Raza Khan1 , Tashfeen Ahmad2 , Rabia Hussain3 , Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhutta4
(Pages 104 - 106)

1. Assistant Professor, Dentistry, Department of Surgery Aga Khan University & Hospital, Stadium Road, Karachi 74800, Pakistan.
2. Orthopedics Section, Department of Surgery, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan.
3. Immunology Section, Department of Pathology, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan.
4. Center of Excellence in Women & Child Health, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan.

Corresponding author: “Dr Farhan Raza Khan”

Volume 24, Issue 2  (April - June 2015)

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It’s likely that the participants enrolled in a study are diagnosed with certain health conditions that are unrelated to the main research objective but otherwise are fairly treatable and manageable; this poses a challenge to the investigators. It becomes more relevant when the trial subjects have no health insurance or if trial is being conducted in a community where basic health facilities are not readily available. Here, we report the dental services rendered to the participants enrolled in a community based, double blind, randomized controlled trial that was conducted atdistrict Jhelum. The pregnant women n=85 were inducted. After the completion of trial, a total of 109 subjects (trial participants and their attendants) were examined at the study site using a mobile dental unit at base camp. Scaling was the most frequent service (n=42, 38.5%) rendered followed by oral hygiene instruction (n=39, 35.7%) and extractions (n=20, 18.3%) in subjects.

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Khan FR, Ahmed T, Hussain R, Bhutta ZA. Provision of basic Dental Care Tothe Pregnant Women enrolled in Vitamin D Supplementation Trial . J Pak Dent Assoc 2015; 24(2):104-106.