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Orthodontics Special Cases Best Treated with Simple Indirect Bonding Protocol
Shazia Naser-ud-Din

Volume 22, Issue 4 (October – December 2013)

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Orthodontic treatment methodology has evolved considerably in the past few decades and much of technological advances are definitely improving the efficiency and delivery of orthodontic treatment, but come at a higher cost. One such example is the commercial indirect bonding. In certain orthodontic cases with special needs indirect bonding (IDB) is not a luxury but a necessity and should be considered . The additional cost can be eliminated by simple chairside technique that can be applied with success. The aim of this paper is to discuss an orthodontic case where IDB was used to successfully complete the case in shortest possible treatment time and secondly the methodology employed – The Brisbane Orthodontics IDB Protocol.


Special cases orthodontic, Simple Indirect Bonding.

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