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Stem Cells and Periodontal Regeneration; Present and Future Potential Implications
Noreen Haseeb*, Khalid Almas**

Volume 19, Issue 2 (April - June 2010)

Open Access


The aim of this review is to highlight the recent developments in stem cell therapy in periodontal regeneration. The review contains recent developments and progress of knowledge about adult and mesenchymal stem cell research and their clinical implications. An effort has been made to review the classifications of stem cells, their sources from various body tissues and their potential use for periodontal regeneration. The cellular sources of periodontal wound healing, regenerative concepts and techniques are highlighted. Recent developments in understanding of biologics, various growth factors and clinical relevance of stem cell therapy (implications) have been incorporated. It is hoped that the review would develop interest among the dental professionals, to be aware of the recent advancements in stem cell therapy especially in periodontal regeneration. Future trends have been highlighted.


Stem cells, periodontal regeneration, mesenchymal stem cells, wound healing, repair and bone regeneration.

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J Pak Dent Assoc 2010;19(2):78 - 76