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Pattern of Tooth Loss in the Maxillary Arch: A Study Conducted at Dr. Ishrat ul Ibad Instiute of Oral Health Sciences, DUHS Karachi
Jodat Askari1 , Feroze Ali2, Afreen Shameem3 , Salman Zafar4 , Nadya Sultan5

Volume 18, Issue 1 (January - March 2009)

Open Access


The aim of the study is to record the frequency and pattern of missing maxillary teeth in a sample population of Karachi, Pakistan.


A total of 4000 patients were screened at Dr Ishrat- ul-Ibad Institute of Oral Health Diseases, Karachi. Out of the total, 3621 patients were selected for the study. Student’s t test was used to analyze the data using SPSS 10.


Total missing maxillary teeth were 2197 (60.6 %) out of the total molars were 1119(30.9%), premolars were 537 (14.8%), canine 156 (4.3%) and incisors 385 (10.6%). No significant difference was seen between male ad female.


The present cross sectional study formulates a base line data to depict the pattern of tooth loss and its frequency in our Pakistani population.


Cross sectional study, maxillary, missing teeth