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Prevailing Knowledge And Practices About Dental Impressions Disinfection
Faiza Amin1 , AmirAkbar Sheikh2 , Ambrina Quershi3 , Muhammad Abbas4

1. Assistant Professor, Dow Dental College Dow University of Health Sciences. Science of Dental Materials.
2. Assistant Professor, Ziauddin University. Department of Community Dentistry.
3. Associate Professor, Department of Community & Preventive Dentistry. Dr Ishrat -ul- Ebad Khan Institute of Oral Health Sciences, Dow University of Health Sciences.
4. Ziauddin University, Karachi.
* Corresponding author: “Dr Faiza Amin” < >

Volume 23, Issue 4 (October - December 2014)

Open Access


Dentistry may play its role in transmission of infection through dental impressions. Instructing dentists about infection control may decrease the odds of infection transmission.


This study investigated to determine the knowledge of dentists regarding the disinfection of impression materials.


A Cross sectional descriptive study was conducted on 51 dentists from 09 dental colleges of Karachi. A self-administered questionnaire having 30 open and closed ended questions on knowledge related to disinfection of impression materials was used to collect data by convenient sampling technique. Variables included type of disinfectant they used, its concentration, duration of disinfection for particular impression materials, importance of disinfecting impressions prior to handling and they were observed about their actual practices. Statistical analysis was done using SPSS 16 version. The collected data was analyzed by descriptive statistics and presented in frequency tables.


There were 17 (33.3%) male and 34 (66.7%) female dentists. Seniority wise, there were 27 (52.9%) house officers, 3 (5.9%) lecturers, 11 (21.6%) demonstrators, 6 (11.9%) senior registrars and 4 (7.8%) assistant professors. Almost 55% participants had an experience of less than a year, 20% of 1-3 years, 12% of more than 3 years and 14% of working 5 years in the prosthodontic department. Qualification wise, 88.2% were BDS. 5.9% MSC and only 2% were postgraduates. (MDS, MCPS or FCPS). Forty one (41%) of the participants washed impression trays before taking dental impressions. Moreover, only 1/3rd of the practitioners disinfected impression material and more than 1/3rd never practiced impression scrubbing after taking impression. It was also interesting to find out that majority of the study group stored dental impressions in tissue papers and only few in disinfectant soaked paper towels It was observed that almost half of the total participants did not know about the methods and type of disinfectants used to disinfect dental impressions. Out of 51 dentists, 19 (38 %) did not have knowledge on the method used for the disinfection of alginate impression material while 32 (62%) had knowledge. When inquired about the type of disinfectant used 22 (43.1%) did not know while 29 (56.9%) knew it.


Dentists practicing in the Prosthodontic department had insufficient knowledge on disinfection of impression materials.


Disinfection, Chemical Disinfectants, Impression Materials, Prosthodontics department, Cross Infection control.

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Amin F, Sheikh AA, Qureshi A, Abbas M. Prevailing knowledge and practices about Dental impressions disinfection. J Pak Dent Assoc 2014; 23(4):164-169