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Effect Of Cavity Design On Postoperative Sensitivity In Conventional And Bonded Amalgam Restorations
Ashar Jamille1 , Farhan Raza Khan2

1. Assistant Professor, Periodontics Fatima Jinnah Dental College, Karachi.
2. Assistant Professor, Operative Dentistry Aga Khan University & Hospital, Karachi.

*Corresponding author: “Dr Farhan Raza Khan” < >

Volume 23, Issue 4 (October - December 2014)

Open Access


Effect of Cavity Design on Postoperative Sensitivity in Conventional and Bonded Amalgam Restorations.


Post-operative sensitivity is a major problem with amalgam restorations. Different approaches including bonding agents have been recommended to manage this problem. Bonding agents are claimed to improve retention, decrease microleakage and reduce post-operative sensitivity. We evaluated post-operative sensitivity in Class I & II preparations restored with conventional and bonded amalgam.


A clinical trial was conducted at the Aga Khan University, Pakistan. We included class I and II cavities requiring amalgam restorations. Group “A” teeth were restored with conventional amalgam while Group “B” with bonded amalgam. The outcome (post operative sensitivity) was measured on the next day by giving cold stimulus using compressed air and chill spray application for 10 seconds. The response was recorded on an ordinal scale. Chi square test was applied to see the difference in tooth sensitivity in the two groups.


Bonded and conventional amalgam was restored in 67 teeth each. Out of 134 teeth studied, 93 were class I and 41 were class II. Class II restorations exhibited more post operative sensitivity than class I (p-value < 0.001). There was no difference in post-operative sensitivity in the conventional and the bonded amalgam restorations in both class I and II preparations.


Class II preparations were significantly associated with post-operative sensitivity than Class I. This association was irrespective of the restoration being conventional or bonded type.


Amalgam restorations, bonded amalgam, post operative sensitivity.

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Jamille A, Khan FR. Effect of Cavity Design on Postoperative Sensitivity in Conventional and Bonded Amalgam Restorations. J Pak Dent Assoc 2014; 23(4):148-152